The Shift to Urban Apartment Living

Whether buying, selling, building or renting, there are trends in residential development that will be of interest to you. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, people have begun to view real estate differently. This article looks specifically at urban apartments, their features and their benefits in today’s increasingly urbanised world. By design, urban apartments are good for the environment. By concentrating dwellers close to the city centre, this results in less traffic, less pollution, less highways, and less use of fossil fuels.

Here are five of the most common trends considered today in developing apartment buildings:

1 – Security

In addition to living close to work and school, everyone wants to be safe in their home environment. Location and security features are of paramount importance – developing these features so that they do not take away from the sense of home requires careful architectural design.

2 – Sustainability

A growing number of dwellers are looking for homes that are more energy efficient, conserve water, have natural daylight and natural cooling potential, such as cross-ventilation design.

3 – Open-plan Design

While this is not a new idea, it is one associated with modernism as many older homes were designed with enclosed kitchens and dining areas. the trend for the last several years has been to take down the walls and allow an uninterrupted flow for the family between eating, dining and living spaces.

4 – Mixed-use Developments

Buildings that offer a mix of residential and commercial use bring people closer to neighbourhood services and work, thus reducing transportation needs.

5 – Outdoor Spaces

We are fortunate to live in an environment that can be used all year round once it is relatively cool. having well designed outdoor spaces can greatly improve a building’s success. these spaces can include walkways, benches, soft landscaping, water features or pools, BBQ areas, good lighting and even a green roof.