‘Pitch Yuh Tent’

This series is geared towards reimagining everyday structures and components that though seemingly mundane, shape the way we live as Trinbagonian people. To kick start the series our team at ACLA gave ourselves a day to pitch alternative designs for the tent.

Vending is almost second nature to Trinbagonians. Most of our towns and cities are equipped with an outdoor market and/or food vending strips—you can even find a market at our airports and ports! The typical vendor requires one key structure to ensure service + sales and that is the tent. Though this incredibly basic structure has provided invaluable support for entrepreneurs, it has done very little for our urban fabric. 

How can we make this ordinary structure, extraordinary?

the quintessential “trinbago” tent

An extraordinary tent, like successful architecture, should synergise ‘strength, utility & beauty.’ How each tenet is prioritized is up to the designer. 


The Design Brief

We thought the redesigned tent should:

  • be simple to construct with locally available materials
  • be either 10′ x 10′, 15′ x 15′ or 20′ x 20′ in size
  • highlight the product on sale
  • be operable at night [considered illumination]
  • be equipped to facilitate a food or produce vendor
  • factor in brand display
  • be environmentally considerate

our submissions…

the make-shift tent

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This fully collapsible tent utilizes limited materials and can easily be assembled for any situation. Making a 'set up' and 'light-weight' look good!

Do you have an idea for an extraordinary tent? Let’s see it! 

DM us your interpretations + designs and let us ‘pitch yuh tent’ as well.