Our Rebrand Story

The development of our new brand marked the culmination of a year of research and introspection as our firm sought to align more closely with the rapidly changing needs of the local and regional market.

We unveiled our updated brand identity via an online event on Thursday July 9th, 2020. Attended by a number of associates and clients, the event marked our 75 year old firm’s transition from acla:works to ACLA architecture and saw the launch of our new website www.aclaarchitecture.com, which aims to be more people centric. The event also sought to acknowledge the significant contributions of the firm’s former directors. Special mention was made of both Mandilee Newton, the firm’s first female director and Brian Lewis who contributed diligently to the practice’s life for some 46 years. 

Founded in 1945 by renowned local architect Anthony C. Lewis,  ACLA architecture is best known for some of Trinidad & Tobago’s most iconic sites such as the Hall of Justice, The Church of The Assumption, The Financial Complex, the Ministry of Public Administration and Information and several Republic Bank branches and business centres.

Design and Construction can be daunting for many people and we are a highly trained and motivated team that is here to solve problems in an unproblematic way. The digital age allows us to work smarter, faster and to be more economical in translating your dreams into a functional and impressive reality. The current pace of change, which directly impacts the construction sector has presented our practice with a unique opportunity to further the dialogue with our clients and present solutions that are not only cost-effective but promise faster delivery and value added functionality.

Our new logo, ACLA architecture, now not only represents the firm’s rather impressive history through the “ACLA” bit and our passion as a team through the “architecture” bit, but now at the forefront, through the window in the top left corner are our clients’ dreams, goals and needs. It is in the alliance of these three key elements that the ethos of our brand lives.

Whether you have an unusual idea for a project and you want to discuss its feasibility before you get started or you just want to join us for a 3 o’clock coffee break, our doors are always open.

ACLA architecture is here to design the world you want.