5 Q’s with Brendan Delzin

Nature has been utilised as a problem solver and a boundless source of inspiration for centuries. It has significantly aided in our development and influenced our lives in numerous ways. In architecture for instance it’s essential to understand how settlements and societies have evolved based on their natural environment. This natural environment consists of a cultural landscape that is defined by the combined works of nature and civilisation. As such, a harmonious understanding of our environment allows us to produce greener, more efficient products, processes and/or systems. Its influence is limitless for designers, practitioners and thought leaders who seek to develop a better society.

With the current implications of the COVID 19 pandemic, some of us may feel a bit isolated from nature at this time and a bit uninspired, as we try to navigate this new normal – the best way we can. As such we here at ACLA architecture wanted to highlight the raw beauty of nature and remind everyone of what’s beyond our urbanised way of life, as we collectively work towards flattening the curve.

In this 5Q’s, we feature local photographer and artist Brendan Delzin who is known for his powerful landscape imagery throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the region.

His context is a direct influence to his work and encapsulates his love for raw, untouched scenery. His imagery evokes feelings of wanderlust and adventure.

Brendan has also done commercial work with brands like NGC, Toyota and Carib to name a few, whilst also capturing portraits that convey a story.


ACLA architecture: A lot of your work is typically in a rural context, what is it about the untouched beauty of a rural setting that intrigues you as opposed to the everyday urban setting?


ACLA: Feeling in-tune and at ease in these environments could be tricky for some, do you have any challenges adapting to the environment you’re in to get the right shot?


ACLA: Do you have any references that influence your style of photography?


BD: Yes, I really admire film images from back in the 60’s and 70’s, especially images taken outside back in those times, places seem so deserted and quiet and I guess my work is driven by the search to document isolated places. I also draw reference from photographer Morgan Maassen and artist/painter Peter Doig.



ACLA: As architects we constantly try to seamlessly marry the juxtaposition of the built environment organically with our natural environment. Do you have any thoughts on this and are there any projects locally that have stood out to you in this regard?

BD: I love seeing homes that blend so well within their natural landscape, almost as if they were meant to be there in the first place. A project that has stood out to me is a home done by Jenifer Smith Architects on the north coast of Trinidad.


ACLA: With nature and the environment being your main muse what are your thoughts on sustainability and would you say you try to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

See more of Brendan Delzin’s work here!

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